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Shipping and delivery

Your package

Packages are usually passed at least 2 days after receipt of the logistics provider you selected when ordering.

The shipping costs include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary, depending on the total weight of the package. We advise you to group your items in one order. We can not group two distinct orders merge, and the shipping costs are calculated separately for each order. Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but fragile commodity special care is taken.

The shipping container

The Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

The costs

The cost of shipping arising from the handling and packing fee of € 2.00 plus any applicable postage costs, which can vary depending on size and weight of the package. When purchasing shipping costs are shown separately.

Bullets and primers

Due to legal requirements, we can not send bullets or primer to the Netherlands by logisticians.