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2 in 1 Gun Tuning

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The true all-rounder in gun care. Cleans, cares, protects and improves precision. For all materials, including wood, plastic and precious metal ornaments.

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Is your workbench full of cans and bottles of various weapon cleaners, gun oils, rust protection, plastic and shaft care? Now you can clean up! With SchleTek 2in1 Gun-Tuning you now need only one product for almost all applications.

SchleTek 2in1 Gun-Tuning is a high-tech gun care product that has been formulated on the basis of PTFE in an optimal mixture with microfine ceramic particles. Put into the barrel cleans it, seals the smallest bumps, grooves and cracks and smooths the barrel. In addition, it creates a protective layer similar to countless microscopic ball bearings, which minimize the frictional resistance between the projectile and the barrel and thus increase precision.

Due to this protective layer, residues do not settle in the barrel and can usually be easily removed with an untreated cleaning felt. This applies to the entire weapon: dust and dirt can not adhere. At the same time, the PTFE ceramic protective layer provides excellent corrosion protection in and on the weapon and is resistant to salt and fresh water. SchleTek 2in1 Gun-Tuning is transparent, residue-free, resin-free and does not grease. It does not clump or gummy even at low temperatures or for long periods of storage. In contrast to mineral oil based gun oils, there is no oil shot.

Due to the wide operating temperature range of -40 ° C to + 750 ° C, your weapon is always perfectly protected under heavy use and heat generation, where many conventional gun oils are already extinguished. Especially for sport shooters 2in1 Gun-Tuning offers another advantage, as it significantly reduces the trigger weight on the tap and increases the sliding ability of the fasteners on repeaters. Last but not least, 2in1 Gun-Tuning is ideal for stocking care, protects filigree carvings, gold and silver trim, as well as rubber and plastic parts with a highly effective, invisible protective film against environmental influences and gives them the natural shine - with a pleasant, unobtrusive odor ,


The entire weapon, inside and out, on all materials. Also suitable for knives and decorative weapons.

Available in container sizes 100 ml aerosol, 200 ml bottle and 5ml bullet-bottle.